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I am an assistant store manager at the largest independent footwear retailer in North America. I have over 5 years experience in the footwear sector having worked previously as a store sales representative helping people find the best men's, ladies, and kids footwear.

How to Waterproof Boots

Owning boots presents certain challenges or duties that in the long run ensure that you get to use your boot for a couple more years. Some of these duties include waterproofing and regular cleaning. This two help prolong or in other words increase the lifespan of your boots. Waterproof boots require regular cleaning to remove […]

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How to Clean Suede Boots

Suede comes in many forms, for instance, there is suede, the fabric and there is suede, the leather. Suede, the fabric is just a mere imitation of the latter. The surface is often rough almost the same as that of leather but the rest of the shoe is fabric. Suede leather manufactures a variety of […]

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How to Kill Fungus in Shoes

It is important for you to make every pair of your shoe usable at all times. In some instances, shoes wear out or even start stinking meaning that if you fail to take care of your favorite shoes they will cease to become special. Shoes are commodities that give a lot of service to human […]

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