Best Shoes for Nurses 2018 Comparison- Comfortable Nursing Shoes

One of the “perks” of being a nurse or a surgeon is that you are always up and running all day. Such jobs need you to have shoes that fit and feel comfortable. Even so, it is quite a hustle to find a pair of shoes that fits the requirements and is also stylish. This combination comes at a cost which proves to be a luxury for many female and male nurses. After thorough research, we came up with this guide on the best nursing shoes.

This article provides a list of nursing shoes. Furthermore, we also mention the qualities and features to look for when shopping for shoes for nurses. We may not be medical experts but our research on comfortable nursing shoes was thorough.

So read the article and you’ll get to know good shoes for nurses whether male or female. Most of the information is collected from customer reviews, which gives us a better approach on good nursing shoes.

Our Top Picks of The Best Nursing Shoes

Best Nursing Shoes Reviews

This review contains 5 women’s nursing shoes and 5 men’s nursing shoes. It also includes different types of shoes such as the best sneakers for nurses and the best tennis shoes for nurses. Find the right comfy shoes today.

1. Timberland PRO Renova Professional Slip-Ons (Women)

Nursing shoes made by big companies such as Timberland are not always cheap because they deliver quality products. The steep prices guarantee quality which is more than you can say for cheap brands.

The Timberland Renova are designed with anti-fatigue technology. This provides standing comfort throughout the day with increased shock absorption.

The Renova PRO also has synthetic soles for maximum grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Timberland is a company that focuses on customer satisfaction which in itself is a guarantee of quality.

2. Alegria Paloma Flat (Women)

The Alegria Paloma is fast gaining popularity among nurses due to its trendy design. These are shoes that a female nurse can wear at work and even after work hours are over. The price is pocket-friendly which makes them irresistible.

The interior is ultra-soft and this increases foot comfort and also keeps your feet dry. The contours are molded for maximum support and provide comfort second to none.

They have removable insoles to ensure that your feet get adequate arch support. The rubber soles are flat and well cushioned for maximum traction and proper posture during movement or while standing.

3. Cherokee Anywears Exact Clog (Women)

Cherokee clogs are the best nurse clogs you can get for a low price. The low price does not diminish their quality, as a matter of fact, they are durable and offer quality for the low cost.

The Cherokee clogs are well-known among doctors and students as they are slip resistant, waterproof, easy to wash, and have removable insoles. They are a perfect fit and guarantee enough comfort to last a 12-hour shift.

4. Dansko Pro XP Clog (Women)- Best Shoes for Nurses on Feet All Day

​Dansko Pro Clogs are said to be the saving grace for nurses who have to keep up with long shifts. These nursing clogs are designed to provide comfort and support enough to last a nurse even a full day.

The dual density memory foam insoles are designed to absorb shock when walking. The insoles are removable making it easy to add custom orthotics where necessary. Dansko Clogs are light weight, comfortable, sturdy and durable.

They have a 0.75” platform combined with a 1.25” block heel to provide an improved walking posture. Dansko nursing clogs can double up as casual wear and work wear. They may not be cheap but they are among the best nursing shoes available in the market.

5. Nurses Mates Dove Slip-Ons (Women)

Nurse Mate Dove has over the years solidified its position among the top shoe manufacturers for nurses. They are worth every cent and extremely comfortable with no complaints at all.

They are very light with a firm grip on both dry and wet surfaces. Its leather is stain resistant and can be easily cleaned. Nurse Mates Dove Slip-Ons come in different colors ranging from black, white to metallic navy. The insoles are also removable.

6. Merell Jungle Moc Pro (Men)

They are popular among male nurses. The design makes it easy for male nurses to get ready for work in no time. The padded collar ensures that the shoe fits perfectly.

The replaceable insoles are very comfortable with sure grip outsoles designed to offer maximum grip on both wet and dry surfaces. Merrell Jungle Moc PROs are very light with a shipping weight of about 1 pound.

These shoes come in various colors which include: a dark strong brown, a glowing espresso and a rich deep dark. These three colors are very distinct and unique which make them suitable for nurses with exquisite tastes. They are among the best nursing shoes for men.

7. SafeTstep Blast Runner (Men)- Best Shoe for Male Nurses

SafeTstep Blast Runners are the ideal sneakers for a 24-hour shift. They are made using leather and combined with a breathable mesh layer for comfort throughout the shift.

They are suitable for wear on any working environment, are slip resistant as well as water resistant. The mesh layer keeps your feet cool throughout the shift.

They fit perfectly and therefore there is no need of ordering a bigger or smaller shoe since the normal size will fit. They are also very trendy and stylish. SafeTstep is definitely a good choice for a male nurse.

8. Under Armour UA Micro G Assert 6 (Men)

Under Armour shoes are stylish and use imported synthetic materials to deliver a quality finish necessary for a nursing shoe.

It also has a breathable mesh to keep the wearer cool throughout. It has rubber tractions covers to reduce the force of impact when walking. The Under Armour shoes Come in six different colors thus color will not be an issue.

9. Sketchers For work 76778 Balder (Men)

This Sketchers are made of synthetic leather and a rubber sole. Its footbed has shock-absorbing capabilities enough to withstand even the most vigorous shift. If you are looking for Sketchers nursing shoes, this are for you.

The outsoles are slip resistant allowing you to work on any floor without worrying about slipping. They also have ventilation ports to cater for hygiene and comfort issues. They may appear rigid but once you wear them you’ll agree that their comfort is second to none.

10. DAWGS Tracker Pro (Men)

Just like the Sketchers, DAWGS combine synthetic leather and a rubber sole. It uses the traditional slip on design and a low heel to prevent you from pain brought about by standing for long.

It is manufactured in two colors- deep black and a glowing vibrant white. The outsoles have slip resistant treads that guarantee gripping action on almost all surfaces if not all.

They are light with a shipping weight of 2.6 pounds which is ideal for walking around in a health institution.

Different Types of Nursing Shoes

1. Sneakers

When it comes to uniformity at work, some hospitals tend to be lenient allowing for a choice of clothing. Others are more strict and hospital dress code must be followed. Yet, there are some of us who might be suffering from heel pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis, or flat feet.

These nurses may need special kind of shoes to help ease the pain. Nursing sneakers have a great design that allows for comfort and continued usage for a long time. They are designed to provide all the comfort that a nurse needs to make it through a tiresome shift.

2. Slip-Ons

Slip-Ons are perfect for wearing on busy hospitals where time is a luxury. Nurses do not have to worry about their shoe laces. Due to their long shifts, nurses will remove their shoes once in a while.

They do this to clean them or for aeration and this becomes easier when wearing slip-ons. Slip-Ons are among the best nursing shoes because of being comfortable and reliable. They provide enough support, comfort, anti-fatigue, and most importantly they are cheap.

3. Clogs

Nursing clogs have a wide customer base which can be attributed to them being comfortable and stylish. They have a spacious front and an open back that allows for proper ventilation and pressure point relief. Clogs are the number one preferred shoe for people suffering from bunions.

This is due to the wider toe box which is present in all clogs. Bunions is a deformity that is sometimes caused by a continuous use of poorly fitting footwear. Just like Slip-ons, nurse clogs are also a top choice for best nursing shoes. You can buy clogs for nurses if you are looking for a the best shoes for nurses.

The Best Shoes for Nurses Should Have:

Walking up and down all day in your work place is always dreadful situation especially if the shoes don’t feel comfortable. Every activity or work place has certain shoes that perfectly fit the job but if you happen to wander off the set regulations you might end up nursing foot injuries or even sore feet.

For a nurse there are certain types of shoes that could perfectly fit their work environment such as Dansko nursing shoes and Alegria nursing shoes. These shoes have certain characteristics that make them the best shoes for a nurse. These characteristics include:

1. Support and Balance

It is obvious that the best nursing shoes for women and men need to have adequate support and balance to ensure that your  feet are well protected throughout the shifts.

Most of nursing shoes are designed to handle both hard and slippery surfaces, which is mostly the case in hospitals.

2. Comfort and Padding

These qualities are a great necessity in nursing shoes as they help counteract sore feet which are brought about by poor padding and insufficient comfort. The most comfortable nursing shoes can go a long way in helping prevent sore feet.

3. Safe Grip

The best nurses shoes should be slip-resistant, preferably one that works on both dry and wet surfaces.

4. Good Ventilation

Proper ventilation is very vital for a nurse since they have to contend with wearing their shoes for long shifts. This may result in sweaty feet which in turn can bring about bad odors.

If the shoes are worn for too long you can get infections such as athletes foot. Good hygiene and proper ventilation ensures that your feet are disease or infection free. Proper and adequate ventilation ensures that your feet get enough air to keep away bad odors.

5. Choice of Material

The material used to make the shoe is also a key determinant when shopping for nursing shoes. For nurses, white is always the first option as it is well known to be a symbol of cleanliness.

Most nurses prefer leather nursing shoes to synthetic shoes. When wearing synthetic shoes one tends to sweat easily and faster compared to their leather counterparts. Rubber shoes are cheaper compared to leather shoes but they lose out on the aspect of comfort and ventilation. If you are looking for cheap nursing shoes then you can go with those made from rubber.

6. Good Fit

When shopping, opt for a shoe that fits you well and feels comfortable. Good fit simply means a shoe that is not too loose or too tight.

7. Orthopedic Insoles

If you are affected by any foot condition, flat feet or even plantar fasciitis you can replace your insoles with those that help alleviate your pain that is if the shoes recommended by your podiatrist are not an option in this case.

8. The Color

Color is not of much importance but as we know almost all if not all health institution prefer white nursing shoes as part of their standard nurse uniform. Some institutions allow freedom of choice and a nurse can wear any color like black nursing shoes as long as it looks formal. There are also cute nursing shoes that have multiple colors for those who want something unique.

How To Dress as A Nurse

Final Thoughts

It is always hard to shop for nursing shoes especially if you do not know what you want. This article lists some of the best nursing shoes for both male and female nurses. This makes it easy for you to choose a nursing shoe.

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