Best Soccer Cleats in 2018: Reviews and Buyers Guide

Every soccer player has that soccer boot that fits his/her playing style guaranteeing a smooth playing session. Soccer cleats come in different varieties; some are leather while others are synthetic leather. Quality, comfort, and durability are some of the factors to consider when shopping for the best soccer cleats.

It is always a challenge to choose a soccer cleat especially considering the many styles and brands that are currently in the market. They all look good such that you are torn between PUMA, NIKE, or ADIDAS just to name a few.

We did extensive research and came up with the best soccer cleats to guide you as you shop for soccer shoes.

Match your Cleats To The Playing Surface

There are several types of playing ground surfaces such as wet grass, dirt, soft grass, or turf.

The cleats you wear on each surface should provide enough traction and grip to prevent unnecessary skidding. Below are brief details on different types of cleats.

  • HG (Hard Ground). These cleats work well on hard surfaces such as dirt fields or artificial turf.
  • FG (Firm Ground). These cleats are designed for all natural surfaces like grass. They can be used to play on many surfaces. Their studs are mostly conical or bladed. This ensures you get enough traction on these surfaces.
  • SG (Soft Ground). If you are playing on wet grassy fields you will need soft ground cleats. Their design enables them to have a firmer grip on soft surfaces, which makes them unsuitable for hard surfaces. These cleats are suitable for areas where it rains often.
  • AT (Artificial Turf). Artificial grass turfs are quite different compared to indoor turfs. Indoor turfs look like a carpet while artificial grass turfs are synthetic fibers designed to feel and look like real grass. Artificial turf cleats designed for these kinds of surfaces.
  • Indoor. Synthetic fibers on indoor turfs are not all the same size. Some are long while others are short which calls for different types of cleats for each surface. Shoes designed for this kind of surfaces have reduced cleat size, unlike other models.

Our Top Picks of Best Soccer Cleats

1. Adidas Performance Women's Ace 15.4 Soccer Shoe- Recommended for Women

These soccer cleats are made using synthetic leather which makes them water resistant and durable. The water resistant feature is good especially when you are playing on wet fields.

Their blade studs maximize the grip enabling you to run on the field without any problems.

The Ethylene Vinyl-acetate mid-soles present in these shoes are very comfortable. Adidas is a reputable company with reputable products so feel free to try this out. They produce some of the best soccer cleats in the world.

2. The Nike Premier Soccer Cleat Men- Recommended for Men

The Nike Premier features a high-quality kangaroo leather upper combined with heel panels and goat leather quarter.

The conical studs in these cleats are classic and suitable for various surfaces. They also tend to ease and increase mobility on the pitch. Blade studs tend to firmly grip the grass making it difficult to make turn your foot, unlike conical studs.

They fit well for people with wide feet.

3. Adidas Performance Messi 10.3 (Men’s)- Firm Ground

The Adidas Performance Messi are stylish cleats and high quality. Just like Messi, they do not disappoint. Their studs are bladed and offer excellent traction on firm surfaces.

These cleats will have you running on both turf and grass fields at great speeds. They are among the best soccer cleats in the world.

4. PUMA Evospeed 4.2- Great Quality for the Money

​The PUMA Evospeed have this yellow color that looks superb but sadly yellow isn’t a color that everyone likes. There are other colors that you can choose from other that the yellow.

The studs are perfectly crafted into oval, tear-drop round studs.These studs are designed to keep your feet steady when playing on different ground surfaces. They work well on a couple of firm surfaces.

They are durable, lightweight, made using synthetic leather and offer excellent ball control. They are among the best soccer cleats for female players.

5. Adidas Performance Samba Classic- Good Indoor Soccer Shoe

The Samba soccer shoes are made using real leather and like they say old is gold. These classic shoes have proven to be exemplary tough.

The stitching is solid, has quality rubber soles, and provides great traction on indoor turfs. They are long lasting and can be worn off the pitch.

If you decide to be wearing yours even after a game then get yourself two pairs: one for the game and one for practices.

6. Adidas Mens F50 Adizero Firm Ground Soccer Cleats- Very Light Cleats

These shoes are made from synthetic leather which is good because of its light weight, softness, and high performance. It has graphic highlights that captures the best player in the football world.

Dribbletex has been raised in a 3D grip texture which comes in handy when dribbling on wet and dry playgrounds. The speedtraxion helps in maximum acceleration as well as direction changes and quicker turns.

This pair comes in many colors. These colors are; running white, solar green, rich blue and neon green.

7. Adidas Performance Women's Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat- Comfortable and Fair Price

This pair is made from synthetic leather and textile. The sole is made of rubber which helps the player to play without worrying about slipping; the cushioning studs help a great deal.The sole is an all-in-one and it's suitable for any surface.

The good thing is that it does not interfere with the foot development especially for young players.It has a high abrasion resistant material with a leather finish especially in the forefoot area from where the ball is hit.

The outsole is firm on the ground thus giving the player the support they need. The shoe comes in bold red, flash red and white.

8. Nike Men's Mercurial Victory IV 

Nike Men's Mercurial Victory is made of synthetic leather. According to many customers who have had this pair; its is a pretty good cleat and it lasts for a long time. The shoe gives a good punch and the player does not have to use too much force to hit the ball.

The shoes have a great design and the fact that they are light in weight makes them even better. The catchy colors are just the best especially for younger boys who are joining football. The pair is currently out of stock and we will let you know as soon as it is back on the shelves.

These shoes are a bit small so when buying get a size up.

9. PUMA Women's evoSPEED 5.2 Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat- Runs Small

PUMA Women's evoSPEED ground soccer cleat comes in pink, white and orange. They have rubber soles and are firm on the ground. They have a padded collar.

The shoe has 12 firm round cleats on the outsole which give the player the stability and control they need when out there on the playground. This pair is suitable on firm natural surfaces.

10. Puma evoSPEED Star Soccer Shoe- Light Shoe

The Puma evoSPEED comes in white, jasmine green, Monaco blue and fluorescent yellow. This pair is suitable for indoor surfaces as the synthetic sole is not as firm for outdoor activities.

It is synthetic and the upper part of the shoe has been laced up to give a perfect fit. The grippy rubber sole offers traction that helps in quick moves when one is playing on the field.

The best part of theses shoes is that you can also buy them to wear them to casual events. They are an eye catcher, sleek, and lightweight.

Upper Material

Most soccer cleats are made of the same material; that is either real leather or synthetic leather.

  • Real Leather. The most common are kangaroo or calf skin leather. These two absorb large amounts of water making them unsuitable for wet, grassy fields. They are comfortable and said to be great for ball control.
  • Synthetic Leather. Various companies use synthetic leather to make the upper part of soccer cleats. This is because they tend to be more durable. However, unlike the real leather cleats, synthetic leather cleats are less comfortable.

Some manufacturers use special coatings to make their cleats water resistant.

Does Position and Cleat Style Matter?

The answer to this question will depend on who was asked. Some will say it doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable in whatever you are wearing.

In real sense, the position that you play in does matter when it comes to choosing a soccer cleat. Below are the position and the kind of cleats suitable for these positions.

  • Goalkeeper. A goalkeeper needs soccer cleats that offer rock-solid grip to shoot powerful kicks. Also, the cleat should be comfortable.
  • Forward. A forward needs lightweight cleats for that soft touch on the ball and blazing speed. So when shopping opt for a soccer cleat that weighs less than nine ounces (per boot).
  • Midfield. Shoes that have a real leather will ease ball control.
  • Defenders. Defenders need shoes with leather uppers. Although leather uppers add on weight, as a defender you need your soccer cleat to be tough enough to handle clearing and tackles.

Types of Studs

Soccer cleats are made using different studs. Some use rectangular studs while others use conical studs.

  • Conical studs have the advantage of allowing you to make a clockwise or anti-clockwise turn even when your soccer cleats are deep in the grass.
  • For rectangular studs, they help maintain a firm foot placing, which depending on your position can either be good or bad.

There are studs that are detachable while others are permanently fixed to the sole. Detachable studs are better especially in cases where your studs are worn out but the upper shoe part is still intact. You can replace them with new studs and continue using your old cleats.


Use proper cleaning materials and products when cleaning your soccer cleats. Cleaning products used to clean leather cleats are different from those used to clean synthetic cleats.

Therefore, pick one that is suitable for cleaning your cleats depending on the material used to make it.

Preferably, opt for cleaning products that will ensure long term usage and still maintain that new shine. Investing in quality cleaning products ensures that your soccer cleats last for long.  This, in turn, reduces your expenses since you won’t need to replace your cleats every time.


With the information provided in this article choosing a pair of soccer cleats will be easy. Take good care of your cleats to ensure they serve you for long. Choose a pair that enhances your role in the pitch whether a forward, defender, midfielder or goalkeeper.

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