How to Kill Fungus in Shoes

It is important for you to make every pair of your shoe usable at all times. In some instances, shoes wear out or even start stinking meaning that if you fail to take care of your favorite shoes they will cease to become special.

Shoes are commodities that give a lot of service to human beings therefore, it should be your responsibility to keep them in a good condition and most of all keeping them clean. Unfortunately, some people do not give special attention to their shoes and feet.

This, in turn, encourages fungus to breed in their shoes. Shoes with fungus are a threat to your feet especially if they come into contact.

Why Should you Know How to Kill the Fungus?

For starters, having the knowledge on how to eliminate these creatures will help you keep your shoes in a great condition. Secondly, fungus can damage your toes and feet, therefore it is important to have solutions to such problems in case they arise.

It would not feel good when wearing uncomfortable shoes yet they are affecting your feet. Such instances may force you to throw away nice shoes thinking that the problem cannot be rectified.

Killing fungus in your shoes is a way to make your shoes look good and last longer. With a clean and well-maintained pair of shoes, you are assured of using them longer and anytime.

Methods of Killing Fungus in Shoes

When it comes to eliminating fungus in your shoes, you need to have the basics such as basin, water, soap, soft brush, antibacterial sprays, baking soda or vinegar, and dryer sheets.

1. The first method is washing them with a washing machine; in this case, you need to wash the insoles in a basin. The shoe should be rinsed two or three times to avoid leaving any residues.

How to kill fungus in shoes

You can decide whether to hand wash your shoes or use a machine depending on the material of your shoe. The shoe should be dried properly to avoid infections or stinking feet.

2. The second method of killing fungus is by using substances such as antibacterial spray, bleach or alcohol. This is done by spraying your substance of choice inside and around your shoes. You can also soak them in either of the chemicals. This method is effective since it eradicates the bad stench caused by the fungi.

3. The third most effective way of killing fungi is by using a compound made of vinegar. It helps kill the bacteria as well as removing the disgusting stench. Alternatively, you can sprinkle a considerable amount of baking soda in your shoes to do away with the odors.

Other ways that have proved to work is the use of foot powder. It is a remedy for athlete’s foot but it kills any fungus in shoes. The powder is sprinkled when the shoes are not in use to suck up any moisture in the shoes. Foot powders work as deodorizers, hence they are able to keep moisture and foot fungus away.


It is evident that shoe fungus can be a real nightmare to people if not taken care properly. Fungus causes foot infections and bad odors, therefore; such conditions should be handled before they get out of hand.

Prevention is better than cure, hence, you should keep your feet clean all the time, wash your shoes on a regular basis, wear clean socks and ultimately switch your shoes after some time. Instead of disposing of your shoes every now and then, use the above tips to kill fungus in your sneakers.

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