How Often To Replace Walking Shoes?

Running or walking is a good exercise that keeps you in good shape. You get to exercise almost every muscle in your body. For you to run or walk well, you need a good pair of shoes. When we get a good pair of walking shoes, you tend to get attached to it and letting go becomes a problem.

You need to know that when walking or running in overused shoes, you are exposing yourself to a lot of health issues. Overused shoes are bound to cause serious injuries that might take long to heal thus keeping you from exercising. So, when is the right time to replace a pair of running shoes? There are a few things that you need to consider to know when to change your walking shoes. These are:

One pair does not fit all

The first thing you need to know is that a shoe’s lifespan is determined by a person’s weight, the type of the shoe, the surface on where you run or walk. A pair of shoe worn by a heavy person is bound to wear and tear faster as compared to a pair used by a lean person.


A pair used on a rough surface like on a rough road is bound to tear faster as compared to one used on a smooth surface like in a gym. The exact timing on when you replace your shoes will depend on how you use them. Most people, however, agree that the best time is after 300-500 miles of use.

The shoe user should be on the lookout for their shoes’ break down. For example, when the shoes are worn out, you tend to experience more pounding when running. Again, the shoe wearer will tend to hit the ground with their heel more if the shoe is worn out. If you walk around 45 minutes to one hour at least three times a week, you should replace your shoes after three to five months.

When you start experiencing new aches or sore feet after walking or running, it’s time to change your shoes.

Being Smart About your Shoes

There are few ways that you can ensure your walking shoes live longer. These are:

  • Keeping track of your mileage

Make sure you mark the date you first started using your shoes. Also, mark the same date on the sole of the shoes using a permanent marker. When the date stops showing, it is time to replace the shoes.

  • Check the flexibility of your shoes

Lace up your shoes and bend the toes part of the shoes towards the heel of the shoe. If the sole bends without much effort, it is time to get a new pair.

  • Have shoes for different activities

Some people have a single pair of shoes for all their activities, i.e. road shoes, walking shoes, trail shoes and track shoes. When such a pair is used for all these activities, it is bound to tear and wear fast as compared to shoes that are worn for only one activity. Therefore, if you can, get a pair for each activity; your shoes will last for longer and you will be free from injuries caused by over used shoes.

  • Air your shoes often

A gym bag is not the best place to air store your walking shoes. Make sure you air them in an airy place so that they can dry of any sweat. Also, if you wash them, make sure you air dry them out in the sun so that they can dry completely. Make sure you use cold water and gentle soap so as to keep the glue intact. Avoid drying them in the dryer because the heat will speed up the breakdown of the glue.

  • Replace the inner soles when you replace the shoes

One mistake people make is replacing the inner soles rather than replacing the walking shoes. Inner soles do not offer the same cushioning a new pair will offer, so it’s good to just replace the walking shoes. Broken walking shoes can never be remedied with an inner sole.


In conclusion, depending on your intensity or frequency of walking, it is good to replace your shoes between three to five months. Take care of your shoes as highlighted above and they will last a little longer. Broken shoes are capable of causing injuries to your body and it’s good to be on the lookout for such injuries.

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